The Team Leader of MOWI CONSULT boasts of post graduate qualifications in Geo-information Science and Earth observation as well as fifteen years working experience in the government civil service, private sector and United Nations Department of Peace Keeping Operations.

The MOWI Consult is thus proficient at expediting issues on Natural resource management, disaster management, geospatial policies, establishing international standards and best practices, programming Humanitarian  interventions, Conflict management, Team building, Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Impact assessments, Forestry, horticulture, Climate Change and many more.

The Team at MOWI consult includes PhDs and Masters level research fellows in all the mentioned areas and among the key projects we have handled or participated in are:
– Oil Impact Mitigation in the Albertine Graben handled in coordination with UNEP
– Uganda State of Environment Report, 2008
– Exploring the Global Gap for Ugandan Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers
– Resettlement of The victims of the Mt Elgon Landslide
– The Africa Environmental Outlook II
– UN REDD; calibrating the global model for predicting carbon reference and carbon flux for Uganda
– Review of Oil Companies’ Environmental Impact assessment report.


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